Call for Papers
The conference topics should be related but not restricted to:
Special Session: Sustainable Development and Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Sustainable Development
Ecological Engineering
Environmental Policy and Planning
Renewable Energy Engineering
Water Resources Engineering
Climate Change Science and Policy
Green Building and Sustainable Architecture
Environmental Economics
Environmental Management
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Law and Policy
Environmental Health Engineering
Urban and Regional Planning
Sustainable Transportation Engineering
Conservation Biology
Natural Resource Management
Ecotourism Management
Ecological Engineering
Industrial Ecology
Mechanical and Design Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Design and Manufacturing Engineering
Product Engineering
Maintenance Engineering
Civil Engineering & Architecture
Transportation & Mobility
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Renewable Energy Sources, Smartgrids Technologies & Applications

Electrical Machines and Adjustable Speed Drives

Circuits and Systems

Signal Processing

Power System Engineering

Communication Systems

High Voltage Engineering and Insulation Technology Controls

Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Power Electronics, Systems and Applications

Instrumentation Engineering
Computer and Systems Engineering
Computer and Software Engineering
Information Engineering
Software Engineering
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Engineering Management
Health Systems Engineering
Healthcare Engineering
Sustainable Engineering
Engineering Science and Mechanics
Chemical & Bio Technology
Material Sciences
Chemical Engineering
Health Sciences and Medicine
Biological systems and models
Bioinformatics & Biocomputing
Molecular Biology & Neurobiology
Materials & Biomaterials
Nano-biotechnology & Nano-biomaterials
Nucleic Acid - Protein Interactions
Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Natural Products Biosynthesis
Applied Sciences
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Sciences
Fisheries science
Information Technology
Life sciences
Logic & Mathematics
Space Sciences
Materials Science and Engineering
Destructive and non-destructive testing, Microstructural characterization, Failure analysis
Materials Applications/ energy/ biomedical / high temperature
Materials characterization, modeling and performance
Materials-Environment interactions and protection
Materials recycling and other related topics
Materials processing and product manufacturing
New materials for structural and functional applications, innovative composites,
functionally graded materials
Civil Engineering
Bridge Engineering
Cartography and Geographic Information System
Coastal Engineering
Computational Mechanics
Construction Technology
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
Engineering Management
Environmental Management
Environment-Friendly Construction and Development
Geological Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Hydraulic Engineering
Monitoring and Control of Structures
Safety Management
Seismic Engineering
Structural Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
Surveying Engineering
Transportation and Highway Engineering
Water Engineering
Energy & Environmental Engineering
Atmospheric Diffusion
Biological Treatment Processes
Control of Toxic Gases
Emerging Contaminants
Engineering Mathematics
Environmental Economics
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Planning and Management
Environmental Toxicology
Fluid Mechanics
Ground Water Pollution
Industrial Air Pollution
Noise Pollution Control
Physical and Chemical Treatment Processes
Solid Wastes
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Water Pollution Control
Green Environment & Sustainable Development
Renewable Energy Innovations
Green Building Design
Waste Management Solutions
Water Conservation Techniques
Transportation and Sustainable Mobility
Smart Grid Technology
Circular Economy Approaches
Environmental Impact Assessments
Transportation & Mobility
Automotive Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Railway Engineering
Marine Engineering
Urban Transportation Planning
Public Transit Systems
Traffic Engineering
Sustainable Transportation
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Aviation Technology
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